ALEEN AKED. [1907–2003].

44. ALEEN AKED. The Copper Kettle.
6. ALEEN AKED. Man Fishing Florida.
9. ALEEN AKED. [A Day At The Beach].
10. ALEEN AKED. [Beach With Palm Trees].
31. ALEEN AKED. [The Garden in Florida].
33. ALEEN AKED. [Wisteria Vine in the Garden. Florida].
35. ALEEN AKED. Childhood Study.
8. ALEEN AKED. Old Town Sarasota. Fla.
25. ALEEN AKED. Frozen Banana Tree.
24. ALEEN AKED. Miss Katy’s.
73. ALEEN AKED. [Native American woman with child].
75. ALEEN AKED. [Native Americans on Horseback].
45. ALEEN AKED. [Woman in Blue].
47. ALEEN AKED. [Still-life with Irises].
29. ALEEN AKED. Sketch Still-life Zinnias.
30. ALEEN AKED. [Still-life with blue jug, books & beads].
20. ALEEN AKED. [Vegetable still-life].
26. ALEEN AKED. [Fishing boats & houses, East-coast].
7. ALEEN AKED. Garden Of Ladies Golf Club.
17. ALEEN AKED. Quaint Acres. North-East of Tyrone.
21. ALEEN AKED. [Garden path].
50. ALEEN AKED. [White House].
72. ALEEN AKED. [White House with Veranda].
22. ALEEN AKED. [Backyards in Winter].

Aleen Aked was born in 1907 in Kildwick, Yorkshire, England and moved to Ontario at age three. At fourteen she won an Arthur Lismer Junior Course Scholarship at the Ontario College of Art and later a fulltime scholarship. She studied under the Group of Seven members Arthur Lismer, J.E.H. MacDonald, F. W. Varley, and A.Y. Jackson. She also studied under J.W. Beatty, George Reid, Fred Haines, Yvonne McKague Housser, Emmanuel Hahn, and Sydney March and at the OCA (her classmates included Doris McCarthy and Isabel McLaughlin). From 1929 until 1944 she spent Winters in Sarasota, Florida, and Summers in Ontario. She exhibited regularly in Florida and became a member of the Southern States Art League and the Sarasota Art Association (in 1942 she served as president of the SAA). She also studied at the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota and privately under American painters Abbott Graves (still-lifes) and Robert Brackman (portraits). She exhibited regularly in Canada at the Canadian National Exhibition, the Royal Canadian Academy, and the Ontario Society of Artists. In 1989 a major retrospective of her work was held at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, Ontario. A painter of still-lifes, portraits and landscapes in the post-impressionist tradition the artist passed way in 2003.

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